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A Story From My Sport

A Story From My Sport

Here’s a story about a triathlete from the last 5150 race, as quoted from our twitter conversation:

Jake: So what’s the story? You flatted 2k away? Walked in, ran & finished?

Ariel: GPS said 6.5k left. Secured the shoes. Drank aerobottle empty. Barefoot run with bike to T2. Happy to see running shoes there. (smiley face)

Ariel: I flatted 1st right-hand corner of Tarlac Rd. just past JEST Camp. Walked to foot of hill. Couldn’t call for a vehicle pick up.

Jake: So why’d ya do it?

Ariel: A lot offered help but no way to fix. Wife and kids were waiting, I paid a fee, and I needed a new shirt to change so… WTF? (smiley face)

Stories like this remind me what my sport is about. Triathlon is about the courage to start and the determination to do what it takes to get to the finish line. In fact it’s own rules, captures this spirit, “Athletes can run, walk, or crawl to the finish line.” And because it is done mostly, not by professionals but by everyday men & women who work and raise families, there is something about the effort & the disposition that speaks to us in that deep down part of our selves.

Lara: Ariel waked his bike barefoot back to T2! Astig!

Lit: There’s tough. Then there’s “Triathlete Tough”. I tip my cap!

Sports builds character. The sport that has helped me build mine and shown me great models of determination, passion, heart, and overcoming have been in triathlon.

What’s your GAMEPLAN?

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