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Packing For A Triathlon Weekend of Racing

Packing For A Triathlon Weekend of Racing

Triathletes have 3 sports. Aside from bringing swimming, biking, and running gear we also bring our nutrition and our post-race recovery clothes. I’ve been looking for a bag to pack everything in. I got a Nike Training Duffel from The Playground and this weekend’s Tri-United 2 in Laiya was it’s first triathlon trip.

It’s big enough to bring the stuff needed for a weekend race. What I love about it though are all the small pockets and containers. There’s a deep shoe pocket that fits my bike and run shoes and keeps them separate from the clothes. There’s an insulated pocket for the drinks and food. And if any of the gel packets burst or a water bottle leaks, the insulated pockets keep that stuff separate from the large compartment. An inner orange compartment and a smaller zippered pocket in the main compartment helps keep things organised. I put socks, visors, chargers, meds and keys in those. There’s a top pocket where I put some cliff bars just in case I got hungry and needed to get to them quickly.

Carrying it is easy and comfortable too with the large ridged and padded shoulder strap. Overall it’s a great sports duffel and fits a triathlete’s needs perfectly — and comes at a 20% discount in The Playground.

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