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Mara Lopez has been living all our mermaid dreams since she was a little girl. Her dad established the first surfing school in the Philippines in 1996, which meant that she was brought up to love and explore the sea.


Since then, Mara’s love for surfing has deepened her relationship with nature and all things beautiful. What started as simply her sport, created ripples of positive change and continues to fuel her passion to take care of the world we live in.


“I want to continue surfing in our beautiful oceans. I want my children to see it. I want my children’s children to see it. My game plan in life is to do everything I can to make this world a better place,” she said.



Katz Salao is your typical athletic child. She started as a gymnast at 4 years old, and soon went on to pursue ballet, taekwondo, volleyball and cheerleading.


After years of having a love-hate relationship with fitness and exercise, Katz tried her hand at becoming a certified spinning instructor at Ride Revolution. From inspiring other people through her Facebook posts, she now takes a spot on the podium to push people towards their fitness goals.


“Gameplan is going to be a platform, a way for me to inspire people to try things. Knowing that someone out there, hopefully at least one, saw one episode or just a snippet, and felt better about themselves and tried something new… That would be the best feeling ever,” she said.



Graham Caygill is a Filipino-British football player who is out to prove that hard work and determination are sometimes more than enough to get to your goal.


He slowly worked his way into the semi-professional league and soon got to play professionally here in the Philippines.


“My game plan is to show people how they can work hard and achieve things they never thought they would ever achieve. I never thought I would be a host, now I’m a host. I never thought I’d be a footballer, now I’m a footballer. You can really do it if you try and work hard,” he said.



Gameplan was reborn through Jake’s burning passion for sports and the active lifestyle. He believes that these two are instrumental in leading a fulfilling life – being motivated to work on something everyday, sacrificing for big, scary goals, and having a meaningful life out of the ordinary. As with everything he does, Jake strives to show how living with authenticity and tenacity helps us become better people. Sport has taught him the reality of failure, and in every person’s ability to stand back up despite it.



Sports isn’t just for those who crave adrenaline and heart-thumping action. Nikki’s fascination with  controlling one’s breath through diving says a lot about her laid back personality. While she may not be the most well-coordinated and athletic person out there, Nikki has learned to stay calm even in the most difficult situations – in sports, as in life.



Aia met her one true love when she was first introduced to volleyball at 11 years old. Her passion for the sport was greatly fueled by her high school coach and she has been playing competitively since then. Passion is contagious, and she intends to pay it forward by sharing powerful stories of courage and resilience to anybody who needs it.



Veronica is a testament that we are greatly influenced by the stories and the people we become immersed in. She was never athletic nor into fitness, but what started as a simple curiosity in dragon boat eventually turned into one of her most valued pursuits. Her teammates greatly motivate her to keep working harder, which is also why she is passionate in capturing stories of perseverance and camaraderie.



Losing herself in the mountains or in the woods is instrumental to her craft, particularly in photography, cinematography and music. Joyce immerses herself in different places, people, and experiences because these help her understand the world better and make her realize that we are all heroes of our own stories.



Out of a genuine interest in the stories of different people, Karr has an unintentional habit of ‘interviewing’ acquaintances even in everyday conversations. Through Gameplan, she wants to prove that fitness is for everyone – even for the least athletic people like herself.



Being such a trooper, Lilay would enjoy being thrown off into the water or surviving on a deserted island any day. She believes that every place and every person has its own special story, that when told with integrity, can create a lasting impact on the subject, the one who captures it, and the one who views it.

Gab Gutierrez


Gab, a bursting ball of energy, used to be one of the top ranked tennis players in the country. Even though he was at the top of his sport, tennis has taught him that failure will always be part of the game. Through years of competition, he learned how to manage adversity through positivity. He strongly believes in the capacity of every Filipino to do great things, given the platform and proper resources to shine.



Tin’s passion and profession blend smoothly together in the topsy-turvy field of media production. She sees every project as a blessing. The people she meets in Gameplan constantly remind her that learning and training never end no matter how talented you are – in sports, as in life.


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